What is too much?

After examining the various dossiers about Poitou-Charentes, I’ve gained new insight on the intentions and ideas that brought about the construction of hundreds of Romanesque churches and how much places of ‘worship’  have changed compared to modern day churches. Each cathedral, abbey, or church had a unique structure and was decorated with a variety of symbols that would guide you against sin or perhaps depict a seen from the Bible. They were very popular pilgrimage places and offered people a place to travel to for hope. Often they were decorated with the finest sculptures, stained glass windows, and embellishments but at what expense?


Today churches may not look similar to Romanesque churches, but it seems some are still being built with the same instruction guide. Churches are built for a place of worship and devotion, but often those two principles get lost in the glorification process of constructing the most prestigious sanctuary for god. I like to compare the two types of sanctuaries because today we can see churches that are constructed in similar fashion, where the most luxurious is considered the best way to worship. There is a fine boundary between extravagance and adornment.


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