Advancements and Civilization

It’s amazing to me to see the differences and advancements from the Lascaux Caves to the Megaliths in Morbihan to the Lattes in Languedoc. There are, however, some similarities. Such as the desire and motivation of religious practices. In the contrast, during the Paleolithic Age it is believed that the people worshiped at a sanctified place, such as the Lascaux Caves. During the Neolithic Age, the Megaliths in Morbihan also indicated different parts that were suggested to be their place of ritual. However, the Lattes in Languedoc, there are indications that people practiced their beliefs within their homes and towns. I believe that everyone is born with certain psychological characteristics. Also, I believe that we are born with a psychological need to fulfill the unknown. As humans, we want the answers to everything, and explore and search our entire lives just to find one answer. This especially goes for our need to secure our place in the afterlife. As with the Megaliths in Morbihan, the people buried their dead with tools to carry on to the next life. They must have believed that the tools would protect them for what was to come after death. As a Christian, I believe that once I die, my place in Heaven is secured by God’s love for me as his child. Everyone, in some form or way, are scared of the unknown, whether it is the dark, falling, or even driving a car. We have no idea what could happen to us in any circumstance, and I do not believe it was any different back then. We were not monkeys evolved into humans, just as we are not too different in our physiological and psychological makeup.

Furthermore, it is amazing to see the differences of their art throughout the centuries. For example, the Lascaux Caves have colorful pieces of art on the wall that are very detailed, and appeared to be the things their cherished, such as the horses, “unicorn,” aurochs, etc. The megaliths were a vast work of art. The absolute entire design was not viewable from ground level. Rather than being painted or engraved art, the art were rows upon rows of menhirs and tumuli. Yet at the Megaliths of Morbihan, there were not indications of paint. With the Lattes in Languedoc, the artwork is their town, their sculptures, their ovens, tables, benches, etc. Although, it makes me curious if they used some form of paint to decorate as well. We know through research that they decorated their homes with pots, benches and “coffee tables”, and even some of the homes had a courtyard.  This goes to show that there is some sort of awareness of space and a need to fill the empty. The town had roads and alleys ways that served for traffic and also served to collect, channel and drain wastewater.  There have been great advancements since the Paleolithic Age, and I believe this is due to the human’s ability to learn and think logically. Though, I believe we are all born with the similar psychological makeup, we still have the ability to challenge what we know and as humans, I believe, we have another need for explorations to reveal the unknown. This is backed by centuries of people all over the world exploring the seas and other lands. Advancements in technology also can attest to the human need to discover new innovations and explore the unknown. In Lattara, the people learned to create a civilization where everyone lived and worked together. They discovered new innovations, such as building a well, and they learned how to make life simpler. As we move through the centuries, it is amazing to see how far civilization has come.



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