Patterns of Carnac

The megaliths can help us clearly understand that the ancient civilizations who constructed them held a high importance for their resting place after death. Their heavy dedication to the afterlife may be able to explain the hard work and perseverance that was imperative for the creation of their tumuli and dolmen, but what can be said about their efforts to create extraordinary designs and patterns of menhirs at sites like Menec, Kermario and Kerlescan? These sites, all located within area of Carnac, include more than 3,000 standing individual menhir stones that are all part of greater alignments throughout the region.

We can see the specific dedication to the burial chambers built, especially when looking at barrows like the Saint-Michel Tumulus. The graves were carefully designed to withstand several elements, knowing this would be where they would be passing on. Their intentions behind such buildings are much clearer than those at Kermario, which is an alignment that includes 1000 or more stones. This alignment of 10 rows of menhirs covers an area of 100 miles wide, and some of the individual stones are larger than 3 meters high. This is just one of many alignments through Carnac, but the intentions behind these are a bit more mysterious.

Could these alignments signify the collective efforts of the community to create something greater than themselves? The simplicity of rows and columns can be seen for the very first time in a much larger scale. The solid lines of stones can be seen from an arial view, noting the almost perfect parallel lines that were created when they placed each stone.  Although today there are several theories on why these stones were ordered in such a way, I can still appreciate the megalith alignments for their simplicity and ingenuity.

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