Neolithic Age Now in 3D!


           When a modern person thinks of the word “3D” there is a good chance one of their first thoughts will be of Pixar animation or possibly Avatar. Society has even come to a point where their first thoughts may soon be of 3D television. However, in the Neolithic Age where 3D was not yet even a word, we find some of the first traces of 3-dimensional thought in the Morbihan megaliths. The megaliths were an astronomical leap forward in the form of art from the time of the Lascaux caves. The cave paintings had only the young beginnings of perspective but the megaliths show a desire to create not only flat markings on a cave wall but to construct great monuments.

            Moreover, the megaliths show an aptitude of the people of that time to deliberately choose empty locations and, in these empty spaces, execute their visions. I believe that imagining and constructing these visions in unfilled space required a high degree of forward thought and creativity by the people of this time. It is clearly the equivalent to Pixar animators creating a 3D image on a flat two-dimensional screen.  These plans had also required great amounts of ingenuity that allowed the creation of such massive structures without the aid of modern machinery. These megaliths can also therefore be seen as the beginning of architecture as a medium of art for the likes of people like Frank Lloyd Wright and others.

            The megaliths can also be seen as one of the first times that art is working in a clear sociological function. The graves show that these structures were made in some way to revere the dead. It is interesting to think that art and the creation of art still fills emotional voids in the same way that may modern day people use art today.

It is also interesting to note that since these constructions required massive cuts of stone to form that there must have been some sort of communal engagement towards these special constructions. I am inclined to think that this represents a clear unification amongst a number a people to decide to create something meant to massive.

            It astonishes me then what might drive someone to produce such structures. The graves simply could be a reaction to death that many modern day people have towards the idea today. I feel that many people feel a need to mark their existence or mark the life of a lost love one. There seems to be a universal fear that our state of being simply ends at our death or, perhaps to put it in another way, a belief that our existence transcends this reality into another at the time of our passing on.

            Another driving force to create these structures could be what I believe is another lasting characteristic of humankind; the desire to gain a mastery over nature. The intent of these people creating structures could have been to create something from elements of the natural world that was not their original functions or simply put, tool making brought to a much more massive level. The desire here could have also simply been to move mountains. Pride may have made its birth here with the megaliths. Humankind has a tendency to create and also ornament themselves out of simple vain desires to elevate themselves above the crowd. This tendency could have been very much prevalent even in the Neolithic age. In fact, human tendencies may not have changed much at all from the time of using stone tools and animal skin clothes.

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