We talk about the Megaliths of Morbihan to be a work of art, and in a unique way they are. The menhir alignments cease to amaze me. There are almost 500 megalithic sites in Morbihan, and Carnac is, I believe, one of the most visited sites. Le Ménac is the largest site within Carnac; where there are about 1,050 menhirs stretching over a 950 meters range. To put this into perspective, imagine running an entire football field from one end to the other about nine to ten times. One of the stones, the Géant du Ménec, stands 3.50 meters high. Or, to put it into perspective as well as to how grand these pieces of rocks really are, walking into a normal sized building, look from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

Although, even with the vast amount of colossal rocks, the megaliths are somewhat secluded away from civilization. Is it because the rocks are supposed to symbolize death and the peoples’ religious grounds? Or are we trying to put their culture into our modern view of life? The megaliths are impressive, without a doubt, but we yet to truly know why the people of the Neolithic Era chose the locations they did. Was the land that much different from it is today? In Carnac, people did not become aware of the megaliths until 1720. It surprises me that no one before that time wondered why so many menhirs were aligned, and they could not have possibly believed that it was “normal.”

We have to realize that the artwork is not as whole or complete as they were originally designed to be, whether through erosion or people using them to support fences. To imagine every rock still standing, every piece in place, and erosion has yet to occur; these megaliths would be even more astounding than they already are.



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