At first glance the caves the drawings and paintings were very impressive, but it wasn’t until I gained more knowledge on the background of the caves until I could really begin to understand more than just drawings themselves. Each drawing is completely unique in various ways, not just in shape or color, but in texture and presence, which is due to the multiple methods performed to create each piece. As each group of artists came and left, you can see their individual representation of the image or story that they would leave behind forever. As a society, they were predominately busy with surviving, and for the first time we can see the appearance of a time where they had an opportunity to express themselves artistically, for whatever reasons those might have been.

La Salle de Taureux is my favorite chamber of the caves. As soon as you enter you see one of the most mysterious pieces throughout the caves, la Licorne. This out of the ordinary piece has several aspects that still have multiple interpretations on the real meaning behind this particular beast. It has many of the same characteristics of the other animals, which are predominately horses, but it is ambiguous in detail with the addition of two horns on its head, it proves to be completely unique in nature. Most of the animals that are carnivores, are hidden near the back of the cave along with the human figures, while la Licorne is the very first painting as you enter the cave. The intentions behind such placement of animals and or humans, throughout the cave leave us to deduce for ourselves, their true motivation for the paintings. Often they hid the identity of some animals disguising them with features of felines or horns, as well as adding animalistic features to the human drawings, which could possibly lead to the figure or notion of a higher balance between animals and human beings. While we may never come to an exact explanation to these paintings, we can examine all of the features of the cave, not just the drawings themselves, to generate a better understanding of them. For me this creates a more solid foundation when looking at art, I must consider all aspects related to the piece to gain a better understanding of their true meaning.

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